Why Ajanta Caves are so familiar?

Cavern was constructed in the asian end-of the horseshoe wrought scarp, and has become the very first cavern visitors activities. When first created were a less outstanding standing, right by the end of the line this may.

Do Caves adds attraction to Historical Monuments?

1.Based on Spink, it truly is certainly one of the newest caverns to have already been excavated, when the best websites were chosen, and was never totally inaugurated for praise from the determination of the Buddha picture in the main shrine.

2.That is revealed by the lack of sooty deposits from butter lights in the foundation of the shrine picture, and also having less harm when the garland-barbs round the shrine to the pictures that could have already been occurred were used for almost any time period.

3.The cliffside features a more mild incline here than at additional caverns, therefore to realize a high great act it absolutely was required to decrease way right back in the incline, providing a substantial courtyard before the act.

4.There is initially a columned portico facing today’s act, which may be found “1/2-whole in the 1880s” in images of the website, however, this dropped down utterly and also the stays, despite including wonderful making, were thoughtlessly tossed farther down the incline to the water, from in the place where they are dropped, possibly caught up in monsoon torrents.

5.This cave has one of the most elaborate carved façades, with relief sculptures on entablature and ridges, and most surfaces embellished with decorative carving.

Why Do People Visit Fatehpur Sikri?

A metropolis which was when the happy capital of the Mughal Empire in the sixteenth century, Fatehpur Sikri today appears deserted as a well preserved ghost town. It was abandoned by its residents after only 1 5 years due to insufficient water-supply.

Facts around Fatehpur Sikri:

1.Built out of reddish sandstone, Fatehpur Sikri is filled with courtyards and imperial palaces. You may nearly feel your self being transferred right back to medieval instances here.

2.Fatehpur Sikri rests on rocky ridge, 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) in length and ONE km (0.62 mi) wide, and palace whole city is encircled by a-6 kilometers (3.7 mi)walls on three aspect with the fourth being a real lake during the time. The properties of Fatehpur Sikri display a combination of different local schools of architectural craftsmanship such as Gujarat and Bengal.

3.This is because indigenous artisans utilized for the building of the buildings. Sways from Jain structure and Hindu are noticed together with Islamic elements. The building material used in most the buildings at Fatehpur Sikri, structure-city complex, is the locally quarried red sandstone, known as ‘Sikri sandstone’.

4.It really is obtained through entrances across the five-mile-long fortress walls, specifically, Delhi Entrance, the Lal Entrance, the Agra Gate, Birbal’s Entrance, Chandanpal Door, The Gwalior Entrance, the Tehra Gate, the Chor Door as well as the Ajmere Gate.

5.Today much of the imperial complex which spread over almost two mile lengthy and one-mile wide-area is mostly complete and resembles a ghost-town. It is still encased with a five mile long-wall assembled throughout its original construction, on three sides.


One of the fabulous example of an interaction of a man with the nature has been carved in the form of the historical site named as Machu Picchu. This fascinating city, said to be 7000 feet above the sea level is located in southern Peru. This city is above the Urabamba valley and is between the Andean mountain range lying on a small hilltop. The rich fauna and flora in the Amazon basin is found on the eastern slopes of Andean mountain. A trip to this site is possible only by a train or through a trek of 4 days. In 1983, Machu Picchu was named as a World Heritage Site. It even came into the list of New Seven Wonders Of The World category based on 2007 survey.

The history behind this site is like, Inca Emperor which lasted between 1438-1472 built Machu Picchu as an estate. Nearly 1200 people were estimated to have lived in that area surveyed by the archaeologists. Hence, it became one of the Inca’s centre for culture.But it was abandoned due to the Spanish rule and was rediscovered in 1911. Hence, it is famously called as “Lost City Of Incas”. The Inca empire built terraces, giant walls and other ramps which puts up a picture of carving that has been formed naturally out on the rocks.


Machu Picchu has an outstanding architecture as the Incas used only the raw materials that were available naturally on that place.The trekking experience on this site is considered to be magical because of the surrounding. In this heritage site, all the structures are arranged in the orders of urban living, religion and agriculture. They are arranged in such a way that the important religious areas at the top of the hill. Little lower, are the buildings occupied by the civilian people. Finally the slopes remaining are covered up by the agricultural lands. As far as fauna is considered, several endangered species namely the spectacled bear has its home here and the rest includes otter, pampas cat, boa, Andean cock, long-tailed weasel, Andean condor etc. Even the valleys surrounding the Machu Picchu site was said to be cultivated for over 1000 years and occupied by people who where considered to incorporate the Inca culture, shown by the result of potato and maize cultivations.Preservation of this historical, archaeological and cultural site has been of a very major concern over the recent years because of the growing number of the tourists. We hope that it is prepared on a proper manner and remains the same for the next hundreds of years.

Why Historical Places are Admired by People?

One of many historic and archaeological early Jordanian whole city is Petra. Booking methods and this city well-known for the water avenue and its own amazing stone-cut structures lies about 80 kms south of the Lifeless Ocean to the asian aspect of Wadi ‘Araba ‘s rift area.

This whole city is virtually totally designed from an unique rose-coloured rock and consequently assumed the title The Flower Town. In 1985, it was also a part of the listing of the Brand New Seven Marvels Of The Planet and had been called as 1 of UNITED NATIONS EDUCATIONAL SCIENTIFIC AND CULTURAL ORGANIZATION’s Globe History Website. Petra, was supposed to be inhabited from the colonists through the 6th-century B.C. But afterwards, it had been left as a result of principle from the Romans courting back to to the fourth century.

Admiring facts:

1.It absolutely was subsequently neglected to the outside planet. In 1812, an Europe traveler who thus uncovered, adopted them-and observed some nearby tribes team because region and offered existence to the town called Petra. So much as the Indy Smith picture created Petra world-over well-known in the procedure for regaining the Sangraal as a component of The motion picture show. Petra, understood to function as administrative centre town of Nabataeans, thrived in the company of trading of spices. It became well-known for the gas architectural techniques and commerce. Initially, Petra was inhabited from the Edomites. These individuals had superb composing capacities.

2.They twelvemonth’s also highly proficient to utilize the alloys, ceramics, cloth and were popular because of their knowledge. In another stage, these Edomites were pushed to move to the southern Palestine area and also the town was inhabited from the Nabataeans. In now, the commerce substantially thrived and also some master-planned communities were created. A few monuments were so much as constructed by them in a classical-style that revealed spirits, economic system, custom and their nature.

3.Their best accomplishments were found in the kind of construction bigger sunroom methods for maintaining water virtually showing and getting the abstraction of dams. Next stage, Petra was defeated by Pompey, the Roman Common also it functioned as a barrier area to be able to edge town far from the wasteland nomads and also additional tribes.

The town continued to thrive with abundant grave constructions that have been created both from the normal stone or constructed to remain openly, although Petra transferred through a few fingers. Christian religion became the area to be adopted after.


The Colosseum is one of the living examples of breathtaking sites, known not only for their beauty, but also known for their age and history. This Colosseum, also referred to as the Flavian Amphitheatre is situated at the tin center of The Rome city in Italy. It is considered to be one of The largest amphitheatre in the world built during the Roman Empire, incorporating the greatest engineering and Roman architectures. It was one of the largest and impressive built during the tin Roman era and till date still remains the same.


In the 72 A.D., the construction of the Colosseum was started by the founder of The Flavian Dynasty, Vespasian. Being a part of The Nero’s park situated in the centre of the city of Rome, besides the shores of The lake formed artificially, this Colosseum was elegantly setup. The Colosseum area also includes the statue of Colossus on one side and a Golden House nearby. The Colosseum was later completed aft one year’s death of Vespasian, dating back to 80 A.D.

The Colosseum is fully made of stone and concrete. It is nearly 48 meters in height and measures around 188 meters by 156 meters. On the upper floor of the Colosseum, there are arches made of marble. The structure is so big in size that it can accommodate nearly 55,000 people. There are 80 entrances for this figure. The Colosseum is a 4 storey building where the top most floor was to be occupied by the women and other lower classes, whereas the lower floor was to be accommodated by the renowned known citizens. There were also basements in these structures to house the wild animals and some rooms to  house the mechanical devices.

The spectators in the Colosseum arena were protected from the sun through Velarium. The History behind the Colosseum was that, they were used as a spot to carry out free games so as to entertain all. Power and Prestige were the main logo behind these games so as to popularize the Emperor who conducted it. It remained as a visual treat for many. Normally these games began with some comical acts followed by dramas and later on proceeded further by the rigorous fights between the gladiators and caged animals. The gladiators were none other than the prisoners taken from the areas of wars or the slaves or other criminals. During these fights, the caged animals were made to appear in the middle of the ground. This even led up to the slaughtering of several thousands of animals.

Though there are several ruins of this Colosseum, because of stone robberies and earthquakes and other disasters, it still imposes as a beautiful sight for several visitors.

Beach Wedding on Koh Samui – Make It an Unforgettable Event

Every couple desires to have a perfectly romantic marriage ceremony. A wonderful marriage comprises of perfect flower decoration, great food, and important people. Nowadays, it is considered to be a blissful experience to get married at Thailand’s one of the most beautiful islands – Koh Samui. Here are some of the reasons why weddings on Koh Samui are a hit among modern couples from all over the world.

Stunning Wedding Locations:

If you have been to Koh Samui before, you know exactly how beautiful locations and beaches the place has to offer. Weddings on Koh Samui are popular because of the wide variety of exotic locations. The clear waters in varying shades bordered by fine white sand and lush greenery makes a perfect wedding destination.There’s absolutely nothing perfect than exchanging vows with your significant other, amidst beautiful sky and clear waters surrounding your venue. While destination beach weddings can be set in any part of the world, Koh Samui weddings still enjoy being the unparalleled option in terms of location.

Exploring the Island Culture:

Besides tranquil locations, second most common reason why weddings on Koh Samui are gaining so much popularity is that the couples get ample of options to have a contemporary or traditional wedding, according to the island’s culture. Surprisingly, even couples from western countries choose to go with traditional Thai Wedding to experience the island’s culture first hand. Such wedding comprises of blessings from the monks, elephant ride, and a lot more. It will be a memorable experience worth remembering for a lifetime.

Planning Wedding on Koh Samui:

Planning a wedding can be very stressful, especially when you are looking forward to a destination wedding. The excitement and desire to make everything perfect and beautifully organized can take a toll on the would-be couple. Reaching the island a few days before the wedding date will allow you to have ample of time in hand to make the preparation for their wedding in Koh Samui.

Koh Samui Wedding Couples Can Go Straight on Honeymoon:

The main reason why getting married on Koh Samui is so popular is that the couples get to marry in a romantic venue. Thus, they don’t have to look for any other place for honeymoon. Instead of travelling to far away places, couples can have lavishly romantic island ambience, as a great honeymoon destination. They can explore beautiful seclusion of the island, have an intimate dinner at sunset, go for spa together, and get the privacy that they dream of.While there are so many other wedding venues scattered all over the world, Koh Samui is one of the top most preferred for modern day couples. Samui weddings can be truly special and memorable. The place is extremely quiet, with well-located idyllic beaches, lots of greenery, and colorful culture. In order to have this blissful wedding ceremony, you should find a good location that offers plenty of wedding packages available at the best offer for your big day. Tying the knot on this island can be really romantic and breathtaking experience.


Red mountain in the Lhasa valley of Tibet is famous to house several ancestral buildings, one of which is the Potala Palace. This palace takes up the central role of monitoring the Tibetan administration. It serves to be one of an ancient complex well rich in architecture and symbolizing the religion, Buddhism. It belongs to the 7th century period. The 3 most  important sites built during the 7th to 18th century were the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple Monastery and Norbulingka. These sites remain as the best examples of Tibetan art and serving as religious complexes for the Buddhist. People get dumstrucked in their beauty because of their integration with beautiful landscape and fabulous ornamentations.


 The history behind the construction of the Potala Palace is like this palace was built for the Princess Wencheng by the Tubo kingdom ruler, Songtsan Gambo whom he was to marry. But the 5th Dalai Lama rebuilt it as it was demolished during the war period and hence it became a place to stay for the next generation Dalai Lama’s from their former summer palace, Norbulingka.

Covering an area of about 360,000 square metres, the palace stands 3700 metres above the sea level elegantly. It stretches nearly 270 meters from south to north and 360 meters from east to west. The Potala architectural complex houses both the White Palace and the Red Palace. Red Palace also termed as the Potrang Marpo occupies the central portion where only prayers and studies about Buddhist takes place. It acquired the name Red Palace so as to denote Power and was hence painted red too. Red Palace comprises of several halls, libraries and galleries namely Dharma Cave, The Great West Wall, The Tomb of 13th Dalai Lama, The Saint’s Chapel etc.

Dharma Cave and Saint’s Chapel contain Princess Wencheng, Princess Bhrikuti and Songtsan Gampo statues. Great West Wall covering 725 square kilometres is the biggest in the Potala Palace, painted beautifully and surrounded by south, north and east chapel respectively. On the other hand, the White Palace is also known as Potrang Karpo, has 2 wings. Peace was the main motto that was followed here as it served as the building to carry out Tibetan government and hence was painted white.

The entire Potala Palace is 117 metres high comprising 13 floors. The fourth floor is where the Great East Wall is present. The next two successive floors are where the agents’ offices and quarters to live survive. The seventh floor has the living throne of Dalai Lama. The top most floors are covered up by Dalai Lama’s private rooms and halls for audiences. The Potala Palace is filled with rich historical documents, sutras, sculptures, murals, curtains, carpets, canopies and other objects made of silver and gold.

 Other than this one can even find a school where the logic of Buddhist is taught. There are gardens, seminary and even jails too. Visit the Potala Palace and get a rich idea about all the mysteries behind it which has been preserved inside the palace for more than 300 Years.


 One of the archaeological and historical ancient Jordanian city is Petra. This city famous for its water conduit and reservation systems and its marvellous rock-cut architecture lies about 80 kilometers south of the Dead Sea on the eastern side of Wadi ‘Araba ‘s rift valley. This city is almost fully carved out of a specific rose coloured stone and hence acquired the name The Rose City. In 1985, it was named as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site and was even included in the list of the New Seven Wonders Of The World. Petra, was said to be inhabited by the settlers during the 6th century B.C. But later, it was abandoned due to the rule by the Romans dating back to the 4th century. It was then forgotten to the outer world. But in 1812, a Swiss explorer who saw some local tribes group in that area, followed them and thereby found and gave life to this city named Petra. Even the Indiana Jones film made Petra world over famous in the process of recovering the Holy Grail as a part of The movie.


Petra, known to be the capital city of Nabataeans, flourished in the business of trading of spices. It became famous for its hydraulic engineering systems and trade. Initially, Petra was occupied by the Edomites. These people had excellent writing capabilities. They year’s even highly skilled to work with the metals, ceramics, textile and were well known for their wisdom. In the next phase, these Edomites were forced to migrate into the southern Palestine region and the city was inhabited by the Nabataeans. During this time, the trade greatly flourished and even some new towns were established. They even built several monuments in a classical style that reflected their character, economy, tradition and spirits. Their greatest achievements were seen in the form of building larger conservatory systems for preserving water almost depicting and bringing in the concept of dams. After this phase, Petra was conquered by Pompey, the Roman General and it served as a buffer territory so as to border the city away from the desert nomads and other tribes. Though Petra moved through several hands, the city continued to flourish with rich tomb structures that were carved either out of the natural rocks or built to stand freely. Christianity became the region to be followed after.

Now, Petra which attracts visitors and is said to be the coolest city has various tourists places to be explored like the Tomb of Aaron, Siq ( the shaft ) formed by a split in the rocks of sandstone and Al-Khazneh, known as the treasury to be present inside the cliffs of the sandstone. There is even a mountain, named en-Nejr which brings several other tombs like the Urn Tomb into our vicinity.But on the whole though this site features many, it suffers from a series of threats like erosion due to flooding, collapse of few structures, no proper restoration measures and lack of care. Visit Petra and help to survive.


When one of my friends visited Brazil, he was stunned by looking at the statue of the Redeemer. I would like to share about it with you all. Well, to begin with, Christ The Redeemer statue is in the Rio de Janeiro region, in Brazil. Being photographed by several thousands in a year and being in the list of the New Seven Wonders Of The World, this statue attracts lot many from different parts of the World and remains to be one of the most popularly visited site. My friend was astonished and immersed in the beauty as the statue lie so elegantly on top of the Corcovado Hill, which is one of the city’s main tourist attractions. The statue represents Jesus as welcoming people both far and near with his arms outstretched.


Also known as Cristo Redenter, Christ The Redeemer is not Only famous for its structure, but for the brilliant panoramic view towards which the statue overlooks. Anybody can see The Lagoon, The Sugar Loaf, Tijuca National Park, Guanabara Bay, Copacabana and Ipanema Beaches from behind the statue, which takes away our breath. Being built in 1931, standing on the Corcovado Mountain range, some 2300 feet high, the Christ is about 38 meters in height by weighing 145 Tons. The pedestal’s height remains to be 8 meters and 28 meters is the length of his arms that are outstretched. My friend stayed in a chapel beneath the mountain which was constructed during that time to house at least 120 people or so.

Heitor DA Silva Costa, a Brazilian engineer constructed this statue by the funds that were collected as donations. Paul Landowski, a French sculptor took a greater part along with the engineer in making up this statue. The story behind Christ The Redeemer is like Pedro Maria Boss, who was a Catholic priest once visited Brazil in 1859. He was lost in the beauty of Corcovado Mountain. His idea of building a Christ on this mountain top was not accepted initially by the Brazilian government due to several smaller issues. But as days went by, slowly funds were started to get collected which at one stage accounted to 2 million reals nearly $250,000. A number of proposals were then accepted and rejected and was finalized at last by Carlos Oswald, an artist. Then began the construction in 1922 and the Inauguration ceremony took place on its completion on October 12, 1931.

My friend brought up the idea of us both visiting the place for our next vacation. It is said to be the place that offers Blessings of God and Is considered as the Symbol of Peace and Symbol of Good Luck. We both have planned to make this tour by our car on the roads of Corcovado Mountain so as not to miss the best picturesque of Brazil. Even there are electric trains that will take you up to the place. I hope all this information will be interesting for you people to come and take a look at this breathtaking spot.


Considered to be a prehistoric monument, the breathtaking Stonehenge is situated in Wiltshire, belonging to the English country, near to Salisbury. The age of Stonehenge is estimated to be 3500 years and stands so be stronger till date. The reason or the written evidences behind the construction of Stonehenge is not known and it still remains a mystery for several archaeologists and historians. It was renowned as one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site in 1986.

Known to be one of the famous historical spot in the world,there were 3 different phases in which Stonehenge was built. It took nearly 1500 years for the Neolithic builders to complete its construction. Nearly it constitutes to 30 million hours of for to be done by the laborers. Stonehenge lies on the beautiful green land and looks amazing during the sun rise and sun set. Roughly, there are 100 massive stones. These stones are all arranged in a circular pattern.Many wonder about its structure because, the outer ring of the circle containing the slabs are made of sandstone which comes from the quarries that are locally located while the inner ring of the circle which is made of the blue stones comes from Preseli hills nearly 200 miles away. One can find both sarenstones and blue stones in mixed combinations if noted closely.

moonrise stars Stonehenge Wiltshire England UK

There are several theories and mysteries behind the Stonehenge but no proper explanations and combinations have been formed. Many archaeologists have regularly visited this site so as to know about its actual working theory. Some feel it was initially a place for burial while some feel it as a place for healing. There are myths like it was built in regard for astronomy such that they where used to predict the eclipse, sunrise, moonrise, sunset and moonset respectively.Stonehenge was also used as a place for worship by the people of the era while some historians believe it to be the actual place for human sacrifices and say each stone acts as a tomb for the one buried.

All these mysteries have drawn several visitors from all over the world to visit this site out of their own curiosity. It remains a place, not to be missed where you can mediate, pray, enjoy, spend the whole day as you k half and can take back great memories with you to share with your friends and family. You can walk all around the circle where you tend to get strucked by its structure, mesmerized by its giant boulders. Eventhough you cannot go inside the outer or the inner circle as it is fenced, it still remains a good video come audio tour for all.